PetKing Premium anti-bark collar helps to prevent nuisance barking and keep the peace in your home and your neighbourhood.

The only way to stop barking is to be with your dog 24/7 which is not realistic and frustrating, so using an automatic PetKing Premium anti-bark collar is a more practical method for stopping the unwanted behaviour in the most humane way possible. Our carefully-designed quality dog anti-bark collar is made from premium materials which are CE and RoHS certified. Solve your barking situation today and improve your communication with your pet!

Get to know the device before putting it on your pet! It is elaborate and refined, yet easy to understand and use!

PETKING collar is made from the highest quality nylon available, it includes reflective webbing to ensure your dog is visible and safe at night.

2x sets of different size comfort nodes will suit from small to large dog breeds and rounded design will ensure comfort around your pet’s neck.

PETKING anti bark collar has 7 progressive levels to safely & efficiently stop barking. Very easy to setup and use. Sensitivity levels will ensure perfect fit for your dog.

Strong, comfortable, long lasting nylon collar can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly around your pet’s neck, without causing any discomfort.

ABS thermoplastic material is safe for environment, it can be easily recycled and completely safe for your pet. It is stronger and harder than regular plastic as it is made out of oil-based resources.

The technology behind the PetKing anti bark collar is easy to understand and use:

• Level 1 – sound signal
• Level 2 – increased sound signal
• Level 3 – increased sound signal & vibration
• Levels 4 to 7 – intense increasing sound signal and vibration

It is very important to test the levels beforehand and find the one which causes your pet to react to the device. When the dog barking stops for 30 seconds the device will automatically reset to default level. If he/she continues to bark after going through all the levels, the collar will stop working for 1 minute and will reset to 1st bark correction level.

Created to deliver instant results without any human interaction. Your dog will adapt and learn with the automatic seven correction levels!
e 7 progressive learning levels! Collar will be triggered only by your dog’s barking. Microchip will ignore the barking of other dogs near him.
Approved and certified for the EU market. Only green materials in the process- RoHS. High quality electronic parts only – CE certificate
Our furry friends deserve only the best! Our methods do not involve any form of shocking or spraying, it uses vibration and high-frequency sound to stop your pet from barking without causing any pain or trauma.

Suitable for all sizes

Barking is a universal problem. It does not matter if you have a small puppy or a big hound! Therefore, this collar is one size fits all! With its adjustable strap, it works best for dogs with neck sizes ranging from 20 cm to 55 cm (7.9 in to 21.7 in). So, do not worry, PetKing has got you covered!

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Is the PetKing anti bark collar harmful to my dog’s overall health?

The collar is completely harmless to your dog. It relies on very advanced sound and vibration technology, which means no electroshock and no potentially harmful sprays.

Does the collar come in different sizes?

The PetKing anti bark collar is one size fits all. It is adjustable for all sizes and breeds. We recommend to use it on dogs with the neck size ranging from 20 cm to 55 cm (7.9 in to 21.7 in).

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