When Barking Becomes a Problem

When Barking Becomes a Problem

If the way we express our thoughts and emotions as humans is by talking, yelling, whispering, screaming, or singing, our four-legged friends also have their own way of communicating what they feel and think. And their primary means of communication is barking.

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively?
There can be a variety of reasons why dogs bark. Truth is, some dog breeds tend to bark more excessively than others. However, they don’t just bark for no apparent reason. They start barking uncontrollably due to various triggers – and that’s what we’re going to cover here.

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively: Attention-seeking

       Attention-seeking – This is a type of barking that doesn’t exhibit aggressive behavior. However, if our dogs do it non-stop, it becomes a big issue. The attention-seeking type of barking is their way of protesting if you’re neglecting them or they don’t get enough care. Just like us, they also want to interact, engage, and be stimulated.

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively: Unwanted/undesired thing

       Unwanted/undesired thing – There are dogs that bark at practically any noise or object that startles them or just simply catches their attention. This kind of barking is triggered not just when they’re in their home territory but also even when they’re outside.

Why Dogs Bark at Night

       Boredom barking – Yes, our furry friends can get bored, too, and that’s not a good thing for them. When dogs get bored, one of the ways they react to it is by barking repetitively and monotonously. If your dog is an environment that’s not at all stimulating or if he’s under-exercised,  he acts out his boredom by barking non-stop. He might also gnaw at walls or furniture, dig, scratch, or pace back and forth.

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively: Obsessive barking

          Obsessive barking – It is natural for dogs to always have an outlet for their energy (don’t’ we all?). And when this energy is not released, the consequences can be awful – they may bark for hours non-stop!

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively: Protective barking

       Protective barking – Dogs are territorial animals. If he senses or sees that there’s an intruder or a perceived threat nearby or within his claimed territory, he’ll start barking, which will only increase in intensity (and volume) as the threat gets closer.
One of the proven effective ways to stop excessive barking is by using an anti-bark collar that’s safe and humane. The Petking Anti-Bark Collar ticks all the boxes in terms of being safe, humane, and, of course, effective. It doesn’t use irritating sprays or potentially harmful electroshocks. It simply uses progressive sounds and vibrations to let your dog know that his over-the-top barking is not OK.
As dog owners, it’s part of our responsibility to make sure we know the reasons why our beloved pooches bark excessively and what sort of intervention is required to address it.
Happy dogs, happy owners!