There was silence

PetKing Premium client review there was silence

Think only a dog’s excessive barking can be irritating? A cat’s excessive meowing can drive us nuts, too!
And guess what – our Petking Anti-Bark Collar works on our feline friends, too! That’s exactly what another satisfied customer told us.
Grzegorz from the UK sent us a review telling us how the collar worked not only on 1 cat – but two! He first tried on his kitty, which was initially scared and thought it was an ornament, but then got used to it and started walking ‘proud like a peacock’ (his words). Not certain if the collar really worked on his kitten, he then tried the device on his mother’s cat. Although the cat tried to remove the collar, it couldn’t (which, to Grzegorz, was a big plus), so the device was allowed to work – and work it did!
Now their neighbors no longer complain about the ear-splitting noise of their cats.
We’re so happy for Grzegorz (and for their neighbors as well)!