Sceptical but worth every penny!

Client review: Sceptical but worth every penny

Pomeranians. They love hearing the sound of their own voice. Barking for them is music to their ears.

And because they consider their barking as music, Emma from the UK says her two Pomeranians host their own barking singalong whenever one of them starts. That’s two loud Pom-dogs trying to outdo each other as if competing in Dogland’s Got Talent.

She said her dogs are not exactly bad barkers when she’s home. But when she’s out, it’s total pandemonium.

Emma had tried different forms of training to deal with the singing (read: loud barking) issue but nothing worked. So she was understandably skeptical when she ordered one of our Petking Anti-Bark Collars. She got one to start with. After 10 minutes of putting it on one her dogs, the only sound she heard was the sound of silence.

She also raves about the fact that the product is easy to set up and adjust and looks nice.

Her final words? Highly recommended and best money she’s ever spent on her Pomeranians!