Lives Changed – Thanks to Petking!

A client review: Changed Our Lives! Thank you!

Sometimes in life we humans don’t start off on the right foot. Dogs can go experience that, too.

According to Bfsue from the UK, her dog Snoop, a funny and sweet rescue dog, didn’t have the best start in life. Because of this, Snoop seemed to dislike both humans (especially men) and fellow dogs alike. And because their garden is surrounded by other dogs, every time they opened their back door, he would run to the fence and start his barking frenzy at the neighbour’s dogs.

But it didn’t stop there. She said Snoop would even bark at the TV anytime any animal was on, especially adverts. They’ve tried every command and distraction (including toys) but nothing would calm him down.

So they tried the Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar. Skeptical at first, they decided it was worth a try, especially because their neighbours were getting annoyed with the dog.  And they were in for a surprise – and a big change! As soon as they put the collar on, they tested if Snoop would react to the animals on TV. When the device was activated, they also enforced the word ‘Quiet.’ He looked confused initially, but stopped straight away. They tried it again in different scenarios and still reinforcing it by saying ‘Quiet,’ and it still worked.

Now he seems like a new dog, even when he’s in the garden seeing the neighbour’s dogs. He’s calmer now and happier.

Another set of lives changed. Another proof that the Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar is a great buy in terms of training your dog not to bark.