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Client Review Absolutely Amazing

Walking by the beach is one of the best ways we can spend our downtime. But what if we can’t enjoy a seaside stroll because of a couple of noisy dogs spoiling all the fun.

This was the predicament of Gemini, owner of two, shall we say, hyperactive dogs. They used to drive her nuts as they were a duo of loud yappers whenever they’re inside the car and even when walking on the beach. Because of this, no more beach trips for Gemini.

But that was then. After getting our Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar, the duo has finally called it quits in the barking department. She said it took about 3-4 trips for them to understand what it was, but it has worked.

She’s also happy about the fact that the collar is not ‘violent’ and only delivers high-pitched noise and vibration.

Now she’s back walking on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and sea breeze – minus the noisy barking from her pooch pair.

What she felt about the product? She say it’s absolutely amazing!