A fantastic collar

PetKing Premium client review a fantastic collar

It can be challenging for parents to put their children to sleep at night when there’s a dog barking wildly in the house like it’s the end of the world.

And that was exactly the problem of Agnieska of the UK. Her daughter couldn’t have a good night’s sleep because their dog used to bark at practically every sound it heard outside. She didn’t think there was going to be a solution to this problem – until she bought our Petking Anti-Bark Collar.

Now, her daughter sleeps like a log every night. No more loud barking in the house.

Agnieska also praises the aesthetic and solid look of the device and, of course, the fact that the device is 100% effective. She has one word to sum up what she thinks of the device: ‘fantastic.’ She highly recommends it – and so do we!