100% satisfied give it a try!!

PetKing Premium client review 100% satisfied give it a try!!

Our hearts are full every time we get reviews from our satisfied clients.
One came from Lisa from the UK. She had always been concerned about the out-of-control barking of her bulldog. The dog would bark at practically everything — an opening door, people walking past, people just going on with their daily lives — it was just too much for her.
Long story short, she ordered a Petking Anti-Bark Collar. And she got a double surprise!
The first surprise was the quick delivery of the product. It came the next day after she ordered it. The second surprise, of course, was that the collar has already started producing positive results even just after 2 days. Lisa said that although her bulldog still barks, the collar corrects the dog, so she stops barking on her own.
We have another happy (and satisfied) camper! Thanks, Lisa, for your review and for trusting Petking.