Why the PetKing Anti-Bark Collar Is a Great Buy

Why the PetKing Anti-Bark Collar Is a Great Buy


Barking – the primary mode of communication of our canine companions. Without it, our dogs won’t be able to warn us of a danger or a threat, among other important things. Imagine relying only on your dog’s body language to know what he wants, which would really be challenging.  

Although it’s true that both the dog and its owner can benefit from the former’s barking, there can be times when our four-legged friends bark to a point where it’s totally irritating. It’s not just our own peace and quiet that’s affected, but even our neighbor’s, which can lead to a strained relationship with them if the barking gets out of hand.

As dog owners ourselves, we at PetKing know exactly how it feels when our pet dogs start yapping uncontrollably. This served as the driving force for us to create a device designed to put a stop to their excessive barking without harming them or causing them anxiety.

These are the benefits of the PetKing Anti-Bark Collar that both you and your Fido can enjoy:

It’s Safe and Humane – There are anti-bark collars that can be harmful to dogs. There are those that emit irritating (and potentially hazardous) sprays, while others use electroshock, which are controversial and are even banned in certain countries. If these electroshock collars malfunction, they can deliver electric shocks that are beyond your dog’s capacity to handle. Our Anti-Bark Collar, on the other hand, only uses harmless sounds and vibrations that tell your dog that his barking is undesirable – no pain, all gain.

It’s User-Friendly – Although the technology used in the PetKing Anti-Bark Collar is advanced, it’s actually easy to use – so easy in fact that even a 10-year-old can use it. Simply strap it around your dog’s collar and let it do its job. The high-quality strap is also adjustable and can suit neck sizes ranging from 20cm (7.9in) up to 55cm (21.7in). And when we say user-friendly, we’re not just talking about you as the owner, but your dog as well. The sensitivity levels of the device can be adjusted to suit your dog’s breed.

It’s Effective – And that, of course, is the bottom line – it works! Our Anti-Bark Collar uses smart technology that’s dependably effective. The built-in technology has 7 different progressive levels, starting with an increasing sound signal, then a combination of sound signal and vibration. If your furry friend stops barking for 30 seconds, the device is programmed to automatically reset to its default level. However, in the event that he continues to bark after going through all the levels, the device will stop working automatically for a minute and will reset to the first correction level.

It’s Internationally Certified – Our Anti-Bark Collar is approved and certified for EU markets. It’s made using only RoHs-certified green materials and CE-certified electronic parts, which means it has gone through stringent examination and inspection processes so that what you get in your hands is a product with the highest quality.

Safe, humane, effective, user-friendly, and made of high-quality and internationally certified materials. The PetKing Anti-Bark Collar is truly a bang for your buck that will buck your dog’s bang.