Getting to Know the Technology Behind Our Collar

The PetKing anti-bark collar technology

The Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar uses smart technology to make sure your dog stops barking in a progressive manner. But don’t let the technology intimidate you. It’s actually easy to use and understand.

SENSITIVITY CONTROL – Because there are many dog breeds, not all of them have the same sensitivity levels in terms of reacting to the beeping sound and vibration. This is why the Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar has a sensitivity control to make sure the intensity levels are appropriate to your dog.

REFLECTIVE NYLON STRAP – If you want to walk your dog in the evening, you want to make sure he’s visible so he can be seen by passing vehicles, especially if you’re walking on the side of the road. Our anti-bark collar has a strap with a reflective webbing to make sure your dog is visible and safe even at night.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP – Not only is the strap adjustable to suit different neck sizes, it’s also strong, comfortable and long-lasting. It can comfortably fit small, medium, and large-sized breeds. It’s a one-size-fits-all strap.

ABS PLASTIC – We care about the environment as much as you do, so we make sure the materials we use are environment-friendly. The device is encased in ABS plastic, which is safe for the environment and can be recycled. It’s also safe for your pet. ABS plastic is stronger and harder than regular plastic as it’s made using oil-based resources.

ROUNDED COMFORT NODES – Even though we want to put a stop to their excessive barking, we still need to make sure they won’t experience any discomfort while wearing the collar. This is what we had in mind when we designed the product, which is why the device has 2 sets of different-sized rounded nodes to ensure comfort for your pet. You can choose the pair of nodes to use depending on the length of your dog’s hair. Another great technological feature of our collar is the built-in intelligent chip that’s triggered only by your dog’s barking. This means it will ignore the barking of other dogs.