Features of the Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar

Not all bark collars are made equal. The Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar has an array of features that makes it not just the best choice but also a big favorite among more than 100,00 customers worldwide. Read on for a better understanding of these features.

WORKS INSTANTLY – Even though there are bark-stop collars that may be effective (although some of them can be harmful to our dogs), it may take a long time for the results to be seen.  The Petking Premium Anti-Bark Collar is designed to deliver quick results and without human intervention. You can be assured that your dog will learn progressively with the seven automatic correction levels.

SAFE AND HUMANE – Not all bark-control collars are safe and humane — and that’s a fact. Some use irritating sprays (even insecticides) and harmful electroshocks. Our collar’s built-in technology only uses ultrasonic (high-frequency) sounds and vibrations that do not cause any pain or anxiety to our best buddies.

SUITS ALL SIZES – Its high-quality strap is adjustable and comfortably fits dogs weighing between 5kg to 50kg with neck size between 17-56cm (7-22inches). This ensures that whatever your dog’s breed is, he will feel comfortable wearing our collar. So no matter what type of dog you have – small pup or big hound – we got him covered.

CERTIFIED & APPROVED – Our bark-stop collar is approved and certified for EU markets. Only RoHs-certified green materials and CE-certified electronic parts were used in the processing and manufacture of this product.

SMART MICROPROCESSOR – Don’t worry about other dogs’ barking triggering the device. Its built-in intelligent chip is designed to be activated only by the dog wearing it and ignores the barking of other dogs. It also comes with 7 progressive learning levels to teach your dog not to bark.

Using a proven effective but safe technology of putting a stop to excessive dog barking, Petking has become a leader in the manufacture of safe and humane bark-control solutions. We offer dog-friendly collars to help make the world a safer and happier place for our canine friends.