Ways to Help Your Dog Deal with Loneliness

Ways to Help Your Dog Deal with Loneliness

What do you do when you feel lonely? Do you stay away from watching sad movies or listening to sad songs? Do you watch happy shows or talk to a friend to deal with it. We have our own ways of dealing with loneliness. But let’s not forget that our four-legged pals also experience sadness every once in a while.

Since dogs don’t have all the facial expressions we are capable of to show their emotions, sometimes it can be hard to tell if our dog is feeling happy or lonely. Some of the signs that he’s feeling sad may be sleeping less, acting anxiously, avoiding you when you call his name, losing interest in activities he usually enjoys, eating or drinking less, or even barking excessively.

Is there a way to deal with a dog’s loneliness? We have a few tips here to help him get out of that sad state.

Provide distraction – One of the ways you can help him shun loneliness is as simple as leaving your radio or television (or YouTube) on so he can feel some semblance of companionship when you’re out. You can also replace his old toys with new and interesting ones.

Get another pooch – The loneliness he feels could be the fact that he’s the only animal in the house. If that’s the case, the most logical option for you is to get another dog (or some other pet like a cat). The more the merrier, right?

Take him out – Don’t let him miss out on what’s happening around the world (well, at least in your neighborhood). When you notice that he’s falling into that lonely state, take him out for a walk and have him socialize with other dogs around the neighborhood. Who knows, he might even find a girlfriend there.

Go home on your lunch break – If your workplace is not far from your house, make the effort to have your lunch at home so he can at least see you. The longer you’re out, the lonelier he may feel. So if you go home at midday, he’ll surely appreciate it and will make him feel less lonely.

Get him near a window – Dogs are highly visual, so the more things they see outside (people, cars, other animals), the less lonely they would be. Another benefit this brings is he’ll be able to immediately see if there’s a stranger that’s outside of your house.

In an ideal world., we would be able to spend all our waking (and sleeping) hours with our beloved doggies. And since that’s not possible in the real world, what we can do is to try our best to find ways to cheer up the one who cheers us up.

On the bright side, the more he misses you, the sweeter your reunion becomes!