Spending Quality Time with Your Pet Dog

Spending Quality Time with Your Pet Dog

Are you spending enough time with your pooch? Sometimes we get swamped with so many things to do each day that we don’t find enough time to spend quality moments with our four-legged babies anymore. As a dog owner, part of your responsibility is to consider the amount of time you need to be dedicating to them.

Let’s talk about why you should spend adequate time with your pup, how long you should spend time with him, and what things you can do together to make your relationship even richer.

Why Quality Time with Your Dog Is Important

Owning a pet dog entails long-term commitment. If you’re away from him for too long, he might get into a destructive or irritating behavioral pattern. Leaving him alone at home or at a kennel for long periods of time can take a toll on his mental health. Our furry friends are social creatures, so it is important that, as dog owners, we spend enough one-on-one time with them. Not meeting their need to interact with people (or other animals) can be detrimental to them.

How Long Should Our Alone Time Be with Them?

Of course, with our busy schedules, we can’t spend all day with our hairy buddies. Also, as it is with other things, too much of something can be bad. Spending too much time with your dog can make him become too dependent on your presence and may make him increasingly demanding. On the other hand, spending very little time with him can also produce bad consequences.

So how long should we spend time with them? The simple and safe answer, of course, is right in the middle: don’t leave them alone for too long, but don’t spend too much time coddling them either. The time you spend with him also depends on your dog’s breed. Some dogs actually do better when left alone. The general rule of thumb is a minimum of 2 quality hours each day spent with your Fido.

Things You Can Do Together

To make the most of your time with him, here are some great ideas for activities you can do together:

  • Exercise together – Have a jog with your dog or go hiking somewhere. You can also tag him along on your bike ride.
  • Talk to him – Sometimes, something as simple (and perhaps silly) as talking to your pet can do wonders. They might not understand you, but they will surely appreciate the fact that you’re engaging with them.
  • Go for a ride – There are dogs that love traveling in a car. Doing this will give him an opportunity to experience new smells and sights.
  • Play a game – It can be just a simple game of fetch or hide-and-seek (you can hide his favorite toy and have him find it).
  • Visit pet-friendly stores – If you need to run errands, you can bring your dog along, as long as it’s pet-friendly shops you’re going to. By doing this, you hit two birds with one stone: doing your errands while at the same time spending time with your pooch.

Having a dog means being able to spend as much quality time as you can with them. By doing things together or even by just being alone together, you make your bond stronger and nurture your relationship in a positive way.