More Dog Festivals for the Whole Family

Dogfest, a celebration of anything and everything dogs

In a previous blog, we talked about two big festivals in the UK that bring together pooches from all over Great Britain – Dogstival and Goodwoof. And because we can’t have too many festivals for our furry friends, there are other dog-friendly festivals held in the UK that we’re going to bark about here.


Looking for the ultimate dogs’ day out? Look no further. There’s Dogfest, a celebration of anything and everything dogs. And it’s not just one, not just two – but three festivals in one! These 3 festivals are named Dogfest North, Dogfest South and Dogfest West.

Dogfest North is held in Cheshire, Dogfest South in Hertfordshire, while Dogfest West is held in Bristol.  Wherever you go among these three, you’ll be going to an event where you can treat your dog to his best day out ever! And because you consider your pooches part of the family, it’s an event that the whole family can enjoy – kids and adults alike, and everybody else in between.

This fun-filled event had its roots not too long ago, 2013, when Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, wanting to create an event where canine lovers could be with like-minded people, came up with the idea of having this kind of festival. Since then, Dogfest has become one of the most popular dog-centered events held across the UK.

Sadly, though, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, this year’s events have been cancelled. However, DogFest will definitely be back in May and June of 2021. Be sure to be there!


And if 2021 is when things hopefully get back to normal again, it’s also the year when the Dog Lovers Festival will come barking your way.

This event was voted by the Star newspaper as one of the best dog-friendly festivals in the UK for 2019 and was also nominated for dog-friendly awards best day out.

The festival promises to be even bigger and more amazing in 2021! It will have more shops so you can treat your Fido (and yourself and your family) to awesome and high-quality accessories. There will also be treat stalls and toy shops, even a new producer section with all sorts of treats imaginable.

It will also feature stalls that will offer expert advice on training, obedience, and even helpful tips on how to foster or adopt a pup.

Love bands? UK’s best tribute bands will be performing there, too! And what’s a festival without overflowing food and drinks? This amazing weekend will also feature top award-winning food creations handpicked from the best food events in the County. Talk about a complete and packed event for the entire family!

Doggish Events

Whichever of these festivals you decide to go to, you can be assured of 100% fun, frolic, and festivities! Once the lockdowns are over, get your family and, of course, your beloved doggies all set for these events that all of you will never forget and will look forward to attending every single year.