Dogstival and Goodwoof

Dogstival and Goodwoof Fabulous Dog Festivals for You and Your Pup

Because dogs are a man’s best friend, dog ownership in the world continues to increase, especially during these times where people need companionship. Dogs are so well-loved that in many parts of the world, they even have festivals for our four-legged buddies. In the UK, every month of May, there are two huge dog festivals that bring together pooches from all over Great Britain: Dogstival and Goodwoof.
Dogstival (a portmanteau word that combines ‘dogs’ and ‘festival’) is a fun-filled family friendly festival for dogs and dog lovers that had its first event held last year from May 16 to 17. Dogs of all breeds and sizes descended on the Pylewell Park Estate in the New Forest on those dates.
The festival featured amazing arena displays, fun activities, food and drink, and much more. The main arena gave visitors a chance to watch the skills of traditional working, therapy and assistance dog from some of the best UK display teams, which included Paws for Thought, The Rockwood Display, and Little Nippers Lurcher and Terrier Show.
Aside from bringing together dogs of all kinds and their beaming owners, the festival also aims at highlighting more about the mental and physical wellbeing of the dogs so they can have a happier and healthier life with their caretakers.
This year, however, due to the coronavirus situation, the organisers of Dogstival have decided to move the event to a new date and venue. This year, this canine celebration will be held in Burley Park, New Forest on the 5th and 6th of September of this year.
Yet another grand celebration of all things dog is what’s dubbed as Goodwoof (a play on the name of the place where it’s held – Goodwood). Just like Dogstival, it’s where you’ll see dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds come together for a unique experience designed for the enjoyment of our furry friends from all over the UK.
From dog activities to dog wellness talks and workshops, to a parade of Spaniels, Goodwoof promises to be a dog-stravaganza that will surely delight both the dogs and their owners alike. It is a unique experience for all members of the family to enjoy!
It will feature an outdoor cinema showing dog-themed faves, a 70 Years of Snoopy pop-up exhibition, dog wellbeing stalls, sheepdog demos, and fun agility sessions, among many other fun activities.
The event will be held in the English Estate of Goodwood on Kennel Hill, Chichester. Originally scheduled for May and 25, the event dates have been moved to Spring 2021, following advice from the Government and Public Health England, owing to the COVID-19 situation.
The Show Must Go On
Despite the current pandemic, you can still attend these dog-friendly festivals, although on later dates and different venue (for Dogstival). Whichever dog event you wish to attend, you and your Fido will surely enjoy a weekend of absolute fun that will make your bond even stronger!