A List of Dog Breeds That Bark the Most

A List of Dog Breeds That Bark the Most

There are people who are more talkative than others. And when it comes to canines, there are certain types that bark more than others, too. It seems as though their purpose in life is to annoy everyone and shatter people’s eardrums. If you don’t want the ones that yap more than others, you have to know which breeds they are.

Let’s talk about those breeds here right now to help you know which ones are noisier than others.


Don’t let its small size and cute appearance fool you. Bred to chase rabbits, beagles are loud and proud about that, too. In fact, it gets the honor (horror?) of being the loudest of them all. And it takes no special trigger for them to start yapping – they bark at practically everything.


Their name is more like an onomatopoeia (the use of words that imitate the sound they note), because this breed just wants to ‘hua-hua’ all day (and night). They’ve earned the moniker ‘yappy dogs,’ and for good reason. Just like beagles, they’re small but have big, loud personalities.


Another cutesy breed, but loud barkers, nonetheless. Although their fluffy fur makes them huggable, their barking will make you stay a mile away from them. If it’s any consolation, though, Poms are excellent watchdogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

This adorable breed is a favorite among many dog owners worldwide. With their ear-piercing bark, you’d think they should be named Yorkshire ‘Terror,’ especially because their irritating barking can terrorize your neighbors.

Scottish Terrier

From one terrier to another, this is another loud barker – and we mean LOUD. It’s not your usual yapping. They have a powerful bark that almost sounds like a sonic boom. Yes, their barking can send shockwaves all over the place.

Miniature Schnauzer

If their name seems hard to pronounce, wait till you hear them bark, which can make you dyslexic. Sure, they look like cuddly cuties, but this breed must feel insecure around big dogs as they tend to bark at them. Of course, other things trigger their barking frenzy, so beware.

Siberian Husky

You would think their name suggests they have a husky voice. Well, nope. These thick-coated canines howl like wolves when they’re in the mood for it. It seems like they always have a lot to say, and they’re not shy saying (or barking) it.

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